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Our History

Founded in 1992, LYC Healthcare Berhad, which at that time was known as Mexter Technology Berhad began as an IT company serving clients in the high tech industrial and manufacturing sectors first within Malaysia and then into facilities in Asia and Europe. Leveraging on our strong clientele, the company quickly established operations in KL, Penang and Malacca. It later had offices in Singapore and Thailand. The company was publicly traded in 2005.

Since 2017, the Group has undergone a significant transformation to diversify from computing and electronic service into healthcare business by providing mother and childcare related services such as postnatal and postpartum care, and confinement care. Over the years, the Group builds up other healthcare businesses such as senior living homes, family clinic, childcare services, and cosmetic & aesthetic.

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
To always be ranked among the top choice companies in the markets we serve.

Mission Statements
We will deliver products, solutions and services that are superior.
We will only sell what we can value add to.
We will be ruthlessly efficient.
We will be transparent, ethical and fair in all our dealings.

Our Values

Trust is the foundation for successful relationships with our customers, business partners, employees and suppliers. The motto we value is simple yet powerful: Say what you can do, and do what you say. These words hold within them the added values of Integrity, Honesty, Truth, Reliability and Consistency.

The culture of mutual respect and consideration for each other, together with participation for the greater good of everyone is instilled in every employee. This inspires a sense of unity which we believe translates into delivering results.

We always remind ourselves that passion is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. It is the quality that transforms work into a labour of love which makes the difference between a satisfied customer and a delighted customer.

Being resourceful enables us to solve complex problems speedily and effectively in the fast-paced environment in which we operate. As the world becomes smaller and its borders blurred, one person or, for that matter, one company alone does not have all the answers to the growing complexity of business challenges. Resourcefulness is the will to collaborate and draw on resources and knowledge both within and without the company to deliver the best solutions to our clients or customers.

We believe that a positive attitude towards work and life is the secret to achieving universal success. At LYC Healthcare, we create an environment that nurtures growth and encourages our employees to develop a "can do" spirit. We meet challenges head-on and seek to go beyond the client's expectations in every job we do.