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LYC Healthcare Berhad (“the Group”) is an investment holding company. Since 2017, the Group has undergone a significant transformation to diversify from computing and electronic service into healthcare business by providing mother and childcare related services such as postnatal and postpartum care, and confinement care. Over the years, the Group has built up other healthcare businesses such as senior living homes, family clinic, childcare services, and cosmetic & aesthetic and have acquired specialized medical service providers focusing on orthopedic, osteoporosis and chronic diseases and subsequently in the nutraceutical industry.


LYC Healthcare


LYC Mother & Child Centre primarily features confinement care that incorporates traditional Chinese confinement methods and professional Western medical practice, which aims to help new mothers to recover from rigours of pregnancy, labour and birth.

Having previously been awarded one of the “Best Confinement Centre in Malaysia”, we provide exclusive guidance and psychological support with the aim of helping mothers recover their good health whilst being capable of taking care of newborn once they return home. Furthermore, mothers will be educated with all the information needed to prepare themselves for the imminent adjustment in their lives with a newborn in the family. With our extensive experience in all the facets of confinement care, our team is dedicated to ensure new mothers are able to smoothly ease into their motherhood journey.

Currently, on top of our existing prime location for confinement centres in TTDI, Puchong, and Bukit Jalil with 33-bedroom, 29-bedroom and 60-bedroom facilities respectively, we have added a fourth confinement centre in Johor Bahru with a 67-bedroom facility in Danga Bay in the current financial year under review. As at 31 December 2021, we had served more than 4,000 mothers and babies.

The Johor Bahru centre is a joint venture with Singapore O&G Ltd. and will provide postpartum confinement care and related services catering to both Malaysian and Singaporean customers who wish to spend their post-childbirth confinement period in Johor. The renovations for the confinement centre in Johor have been completed in April 2022 with the capacity to operate 67 beds. The Group had the soft opening on 26 March 2022.


LYC Healthcare


Located on the Ground Floor of Plaza VADS, TTDI, LYC Family Clinic is a licensed family practice clinic that offers a comprehensive range of primary healthcare services and medical suppliers for medical care and emergencies.

Aside from the ordinary family clinic services, we also provide child health services such as newborn jaundice screening, vaccination and immunisation, growth monitoring, development assessment, and breastfeeding counselling.


LYC Healthcare


Located on the Ground Floor of Plaza VADS, TTDI, LYC Child Care offers young children with a comfortable and stimulating positive learning environment to promote their holistic development wellbeing. We are providing different type of programmes for infant care, toddler, and play group aged between 2 months old to three years old. Our curriculum is specifically designed to assist the child in developing the essential for early brain development through the concepts of attention, physical movement cognitive, language acquisition, physical activities, motor skills, and simple mathematical thinking. The Child Care centre allows us to maximise the lifetime value of our confinement customers and generate additional cross selling / services from our Family Clinic business.


LYC Healthcare


Our cosmetic & aesthetic centre is located at Menara LifeCare, Bangsar South. We provide anti-aging treatments such as stem cell infusion, Botox injection, filler injection and laser anti-aging and other comprehensive treatment plans for body.

We intend to offer our cosmetic & aesthetic services to our confinement customers which are in the middle to upper income category and who wish to seek beautification services / treatments for themselves or their loved ones.


LYC Healthcare


On 28 September 2021, the Company completed the 70% acquisition of Aqurate Ingredient Intl (M) Sdn. Bhd. for a purchase consideration of RM36.4 million.

Aqurate is principally involved in product formulation, R&D and supply of functional food ingredients, and the provision of innovative solutions to the F&B, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmeceutical industry. Aqurate commenced its business in 2012 when it first formulated and supply probiotic food supplement to a medical centre under an OEM arrangement. Since inception, Aqurate has conceptualized and launched various formulations designed on market specific needs for customers mainly within the F&B, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmeceutical industry in Malaysia.

Over the years, Aqurate has developed and expanded its capabilities to offer a more comprehensive range of solutions to complement its provision of formulation and supply of functional food ingredients. Apart from being able to cater to customers under OEM and ODM arrangement, Aqurate can also support its customers to conceptualize product type/ category, branding, market positioning and product launching, whereby the scope includes customized packaging design, product registration, regulatory compliance, marketing conference, media events, sales and technical product training.

With the acquisition of Aqurate, we can capture the growing demand for supplements and a renewed focus on preventive healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The venture into Nutraceutical Business, which falls within the overall scheme of its healthcare business objectives and direction, would provide LYC Group an avenue for future growth potential through the expansion of its range of healthcare service offering, deriving business synergy with the complementary nutraceutical segment, and potential enhancement to its income stream going forward.


LYC Healthcare


On 23 September 2020, we received shareholder’s approval for the proposed acquisition of T&T Medical Group Pte. Ltd. (“T&T”) and HC Orthopedic Surgery Pte. Ltd. (“HCOS”) for a total purchase consideration of SGD14.23 million. The acquisitions of T&T and HCOS were completed on 13 November 2020 and 2 December 2020 respectively.

T&T operates a one-stop chronic disease center focusing on chronic degenerative joint diseases and spine, and pain management, and metabolic diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension and high cholesterol. T&T also provides general medical care under its family health clinic arm. T&T serves patients of all age groups. Being a one-stop chronic disease operator, it is able to provide integrated service/ treatment offerings including Osteoporosis centre (in collaboration with Amgen Inc., an American multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California), X-Ray imaging including Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD), and full-fledged physiotherapy center for chronic and acute cases, including sports injury and rehabilitation post-surgery.

Meanwhile, HCOS primarily serves patients requiring various orthopaedic specialist treatments, including surgeries. The range of HCOS’s specialist treatments are generally catered towards management of adult and paediatric fractures and trauma, general orthopaedic, sports injuries with torn ligaments and meniscus, and degenerative spine conditions including prolapsed intervertebral discs (slipped discs).

By being discerning in our acquisitions and greenfield projects via the geographical cluster strategy to pursue growth, we can focus on assets that complement and are synergistic to our portfolio to achieve higher returns for the business.


LYC Healthcare


The Group provides a one-stop shop service to source, supply, implement and maintain IT hardware including servers, desktop workstations, laptops, barcode and printing equipment, storage, network equipment, electronic and security products. In addition, the Group also provides electronics manufacturing services to a range of established manufacturers. This entails custom designing, fabricating, assembling and testing special purpose printed circuit boards and electronic components.


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