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LYC Healthcare

Quality, Accessible & Affordable Healthcare

LYC Healthcare Berhad a listed company on Bursa Malaysia which comprises several divisions, namely LYC Mother & Child Centre, LYC Child Specialist & Family Clinic, and LYC Senior Living. Each of our divisions is committed to provide dedicated services.

LYC Mother & Child Centre aims to offer homely and comfortable environment so as to ensure maximum comfort and well-being of all mothers and newborns. We offer a comprehensive range of services such as recovery and wellness therapy, postnatal yoga, specialized confinement meals and 24/7 nursery care. The combination of modern medical expertise and postnatal traditional practice has helped new moms to heal and recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Throughout the confinement period, we have qualified and professional caregivers to assist in the care of the babies, enabling mothers to get the much-needed rest and sleep.

LYC Child Specialist & Family Clinic is dedicated to provide the highest quality healthcare services for you and your family! Our team of highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners is ever-ready to provide medical explanations and consultations, ensuring the parents or patients have a clear understanding on the health-related conditions as well as treatments. Plus, we offer the best medical treatment and examinations in a comfortable and hygienic setting.

LYC Senior Living provides the best elderly care for your aging parents who may need assistance with daily care, extra attention, nursing or medical care. Our centre has a large pool of highly trained and experienced doctors, medical experts, therapists as well as nurses. All of our medical staffs and nurses have clinical knowledge and experience in providing optimum care for the seniors. In addition to that, we provide 24-hour on-site assistance and support to ensure that the seniors receive the best possible care and attend to any medical emergencies that may arise.

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