Tips for a safe delivery

Here is a guide on what to prepare for before childbirth to ensure a smooth and healthy delivery:

Skilled Medical Staff

Having qualified and experienced medical staff such as obstetricians and gynaecologists, midwives is crucial. They can monitor the progress of labour, perform necessary medical intervention, and provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Regular prenatal care

Regular prenatal care is important to monitor the healthy development of mother and foetus, including regular checkups, ultrasounds and necessary screenings to identify and address potential complications.

Proper nutrition and hydration

Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated. Proper nutrition helps ensure that you have the energy and nutrients you need for labour, while adequate water intake helps prevent dehydration and maintain amniotic fluid levels.

Emotional and psychological support

Emotional support from family, friends, and medical professionals can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can be beneficial for a smooth birth. Techniques, such as relaxation and breathing exercises, can be used during labour to reduce pain and anxiety pressure.

Pain management

Depending on your preferences and medical condition, discuss options for pain relief with your doctor ahead of time, including pain relief methods like epidurals, medications, or natural pain management options like breathing exercises and hydrotherapy.

In addition, the following 5Ps are important factors that affect childbirth that medical professionals will pay special attention to when evaluating and handling labour to ensure a smooth and safe birth process.


Foetus and placenta. Their size, position and health will directly affect the progress of childbirth.


This refers to the birth canal, including the size and shape of the pelvis, and the openness of the reproductive tract. These factors can affect the foetu’s ability to pass through the birth canal.


Refers to uterine contractions, including the frequency, intensity and duration of contractions. Contractions are the driving force of labour.


Your position and posture play a key role in childbirth, because different positions can affect the descent of the foetus and the opening of the birth canal.

Psychological response (Psyche)

Your emotional state, stress levels and psychological response to childbirth will affect the progress of childbirth, so your emotional state and psychological support are also important factors.

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