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Take a look at what has been going on at LYC Mother & Child confinement centres!

My 1st Little Steps Album is LYC’s first gift to your baby. Our in house photographer captures your baby’s precious first moments to craft a unique keepsake that allows you to revisit those priceless moments.

As a sign of appreciation for our ex mummies, we delivered some of our homemade dumplings right to their doorstep as a surprise for the Dragon Boat Festival. We hoped our ex mummies enjoyed this unexpected gift!

For the Dragon Boat Festival 2021, our mummies were able to enjoy delicious handmade dumplings prepared by our very own in house culinary team!

For Mother’s Day 2021, we invited Italian chef Ruggiero Fabio to prepare an authentic Italian meal for our mummies and daddies, to bring in some romance and excitement to their confinement period!