Fact about us

LYC Mother & Child Centre is the leading confinement centre operated by dedicated health care professionals, combining modern and traditional postnatal confinement care, we help mothers recover from the rigours of pregnancy, labour and birth whilst ensuring baby is well taken care of.

Nursery Care by a qualified caregiver. Our nursery care is 24 hours and is staffed by qualified and trained nurses to ensure your newborn will be taken care all day and night.

1-to-1 Baby Surveillance System. Each baby cot is equip with a CCTV camera which is accessible online to both parents. It’s a mobile application system which allows the monitoring of the baby at any time of the day only by the parents.

The right confinement meals is important. To ensure our mothers are always in good health, our in-house kitchen provides Five (5) nutritious and balanced meals daily with a selection of main course throughout the duration of their stay. Our menu is certified by senior nutritionist.

Top-tier security control. Access to our centre is restricted to registered visitors only. We have security guards and CCTV ís placed in various locations within the centre to ensure you and your baby’s safety at all times.

Recovery and wellness therapy. We offer the renowned Tanamera postnatal ritual to help our new mothers strengthen and fortify their bodies, soothes, calms their spirit and most importantly help them recover in the shortest time possible. This ritual based on Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Malay herbal traditions.

Hygiene screening. Every visitor is required to measure their temperature, wear a mask and change their footwear before entering the premise. We provide a spacious and modern lobby for visitors to ease their visitation and registration process. Visiting hours start at 11.00am to 08.00pm daily. The centres reserves the right to turn away visitors suspected of any respiratory/infectious disease.

Doctors visit. In LYC Mother & Child Centre, we will make every effort to keep the mother and child healthy. Therefore, as an additional service we have visited doctors to check the health of the mother and child each week.

Activities. We provide various fun and educational activities such as postnatal yoga, health seminar and workshop sessions to ensure new parents are equipped with the relevant knowledge and exciting experience as they enter their parenthood phase.

Room types. All our rooms are private room with an attached bathroom for the convenience of our new mothers. We have a selection of room such as Deluxe, Premier and VIP for you to choose from.

At LYC Mother & Child Centre, mother’s and babies are provided with cotton clothing and baby diapers during their stay. In addition, there is a warm herbal bath, feminine wash and nursing pillow in the room.

Mothers only need to bring their own needs, such as undergarments, nursing pads,toiletries and for hygiene purposes we encourage mothers to bring their own sterilizer breast pump. Daddy also can choose to stay with mommy during this period .Parking is provided throughout his stay.

Room and bathroom cleanliness. We provide daily housekeeping and linen change once a week in compliance to our conservation efforts.

Mother’s clothing. Pyjamas for mother will be changed daily, upon request, if your pyjamas are stained, you may always contact our customer service for a new set.

An appropriate time to make a reservation. We encourage bookings as early as the first trimesters to secure your room preference. Please contact us to arrange a viewing or tour. Our centre is open daily for tours. Please contact us to schedule a tour at your preferred time.

Expected date of delivery. At LYC Mother & Child Centre, we guarantee you a room once deposit is paid regardless of your delivery date. We encourage mothers to keep us updated on your expected due date.

Cancellation. In the event that you are unable to utilize our services, due to medical reasons, we will refund the full deposit sum (after deducting the administrative fee). A valid medical reasons/proof from a qualified medical practitioner is required.