Six reasons to choose an award winning & boutique hotel-level confinement centre!

Confinement is the most important stage for a mother after delivery. There are many confinement centres on the market, so how do you make the right choice? Don't worry, this article will give you some clarity, and tips on how to enjoy your confinement like a vacation; here are six reasons to choose LYC Mother & Child Centre:

1. Choose from a variety of packages, let your confinement be a much-deserved vacation

Mothers who have just delivered need a lot of rest to recuperate and a comfortable and tranquil space to collect her thoughts. LYC Mother & Child Centre offers three room types, Deluxe, Premier and VIP. There are more than 200 boutique hotel-grade rooms across four branches in Malaysia for you to choose from. Apart from the basic 28-day package, we also offer 14-day and 44-day packages, to provide mummy a customised care service to rest and recuperate, while daddy can also be by her side.

2. 24 hour professional medical care for mother and baby

Another important point to consider when choosing a confinement centre is having a professional medical team to care for the health and safety of mothers and babies.

At LYC Mother & Child Centre, a dedicated team of caregivers led by professional doctors and experienced nurses provides the best quality medical care for mothers and babies. Nurses care for your baby 24 hours a day, check the jaundice level and monitor the baby's physiological condition regularly. The nursery staff will also record your baby's growth daily and compile data for your baby's health profile, so you can maintain timely communication with the doctor even after your confinement period.

3. Delicious confinement meals by certified nutritionists, on par with five-star hotel standards

LYC Mother & Child Centre is committed to helping postpartum mothers get the nourishment they need with healthy and nutritious confinement meals. LYC's experienced culinary team teams up with our professional in-house dietitian to prepare five meals a day for mothers to help them regain their health and boost breast milk supply.

We have a stringent process when it comes to selecting ingredients, opting for fresh, organic ingredients. Our executive chef with more than 30 years of cooking experience personally prepares the meals, ensuring quality of ingredients and flavours. The recipes are tailor-made by a professional dietitian, customised in accordance to the condition and needs of postnatal mummies. For tea time, our pastry chef creates delectable treats on par with five-star hotel standards.

4. Stringent, high-standard pandemic prevention measures

The Covid-19 pandemic is certainly worrying. Even before the outbreak of Covid-19, LYC has always adhered to the principle of safety first, ensuring that prevention measures are in place, coupled with the attentive care of our professional medical team; and the health of mothers and babies is our top priority. We take stringent disinfection measures, high-standard daily cleaning procedures, and the most rigorous pandemic prevention SOPs to ensure the health of mothers and babies. The sanitation and cleaning procedures in the kitchen are even more rigorous. Whether it is the typhoid vaccine for all kitchen staff, the cleaning of ingredients or the disinfection of tableware, we take each precaution measure seriously.

5. Special postnatal rejuvenation centre to quickly restore a graceful figure

The confinement period is a critical period for postpartum recovery. How you can regain your pre-baby figure without having to worry about your newborn is an important point to consider when choosing the right confinement centre. At LYC Mother & Child Centre, we have our own postnatal wellness centre, so mummies can enjoy traditional postnatal massage, hot ginger hair wash, Japanese negative ion Onsen Hot Stone Spa, mani-pedi service, as well as Laser Stretch Mark Removal, vaginal tightening and skin care treatments, in order to allow mothers to enjoy one-stop postnatal health services from head to toe, and rejuvenate from the inside out.

6. Seal of approval from 4,000 mothers and babies, for the largest and most professional confinement centre in Malaysia

After continuous efforts, LYC has now become the largest and most professional confinement center in Malaysia, with more than 120 rooms across Bukit Jalil, TTDI, and Puchong branches in Klang Valley. This year, we opened our new and largest branch in Malaysia in Johor Bahru in cooperation with Singapore's leading healthcare service provider Singapore Obstetrics and Gynecology Group (SOG). Thanks to the trust of mothers, LYC has successfully established a good reputation and image in the mother and babycare industry, allowing us to take care of more than 4,000 mothers and babies from more than 20 countries.

Leave the care of mommy and baby to us now! LYC Mother & Child Centre provides comprehensive care in a comfortable environment with customised services so parents can have a peace of mind!

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