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As a public listed company, the Board of Directors (“the Board”) of LYC Healthcare Berhad (“the Company”) is committed to provide accurate, timely, consistent and fair disclosure of corporate information to the stakeholders to have a balanced understanding of the Company, its business, operations and financial performance. This information is directed to a diverse audience of shareholders, stakeholders and the public generally.
With the aim to enable the stakeholders to receive accurate information, the Company has taken into account the recommendations contained in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (“MCCG”) and its disclosure obligations contained in the ACE Market Listing Requirements (“AMLR”) of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”) in formulating this Policy.
The objectives of the Corporate Disclosure Policy and Procedures (“The Policy”) are as follows:
to provide guidelines, policies and procedures and ensure consistent approach to the Company’s disclosure practices throughout the Company;
to ensure compliances with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements on disclosure of material information (refer to Section 6); and
to provide effective Investor Relations (“IR”) programme and strategy to communicate the Corporate vision, strategies, developments, financial performance and prospects to investors, financial community and other stakeholders fairly and accurately and to obtain feedback from the stakeholders.
This policy applies to the Board of Directors and employees of the Company.
It covers all disclosures provided to Bursa Securities and all other regulatory bodies, written statement made in the Company’s annual report and quarterly reports, financial and non-financial disclosures, letters and circular to shareholders, press releases and information contained in the Company’s website. It also includes any communication, oral or written, to external parties via meetings, briefings, investor conferences, interviews and other channels.
The authorised spokesperson for the Company is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Managing Director cum Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director and Investor Relations, and any other Officers as may be authorised by the Managing Director or the authorised spokespersons.
Employees other than authorised spokespersons should not respond to requests for Company information from Bursa Malaysia, Securities Commission, & general public unless specifically asked to do so by Managing Director or the authorised spokespersons.
The Company makes use of a broad range of communication channels to disseminate information regarding the Company. These would include:
Electronic facilities provided by Bursa Securities;
Press releases;
Corporate website;
Road shows or events; and;
Annual General Meeting;
Material information is any information relating to the business, operations and financial performance of the Company which might reasonably be expected to have a material effect on:
the market price or value of the Company’s securities, or market activity in the trading or its securities; or
the decision to buy, sell or continue holding the Company’s securities by an existing holder of the securities, or an investor in determining his / her choice of action.
The AMLR of Bursa Securities and Corporate Disclosure (“CD”) Guide give comprehensive details and examples of what constitutes material information, and the Company will comply with the disclosure obligations expressed in those requirements or Guide where relevant.
However, materiality can be difficult to evaluate on occasion. The Company will always measure the materiality thresholds as prescribed in the Bursa Securities Listing Requirements and CD Guide.
Disclosure of material information may be temporarily withheld for exceptional circumstances provided that complete confidentiality is maintained. Where material information is withheld, the Company must refrain from delaying disclosure for an unreasonable period of time since it is unlikely that confidentiality can be maintained beyond a short period of time.
To protect the confidentiality of information, access to information should be restricted only to employees and third parties such as the Company’s auditors, bankers, lawyers or other professional advisors who require such information to properly execute their duties, and they are required to protect the confidentiality of such information.
In the event of an information leakage, or the accidental disclosure of unpublished material information, the situation will be addressed in line with the Company’s chain of authority and responsibility. If deemed necessary, the Company will make an appropriate announcement to Bursa as soon as possible, which may be followed by a press release and/or other communication modes.
The Company will follow a step-by-step approach, as shown below:
Step 1:
Approval is given for release of material information in line with the chain of authority and responsibility.
Step 2:
Immediately, on the same day, after market closure, an announcement is made to Bursa Securities. (Note: If the Company believes it would assist in having the news or information better understood and widely disseminated, Bursa Securities may be requested to temporarily suspend trading in the Company’s securities, so that an announcement can be made during trading hours.)
Step 3:
Issue of a press release by the Company to major newspaper(s) and newswire services in Malaysia, if deemed necessary.
Step 4:
A press briefing/presentation for various stakeholders, where applicable, including the media may be convened as and when necessary.
Quarterly Financial Reports
The quarterly interim financial results will be issued to the Exchange in the format which is in compliance with the AMLR after approval by the Board immediately on the same day or after market closure. Thereafter, a copy of the Quarterly report will be posted on the Company’s website.
Annual Report
The Annual Report will be printed and distributed to shareholders and other interested groups by either hardcopy or softcopy. An electronic copy of the Annual Report will also be available on the Company’s website.
Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting is regarded as an important forum which is held to communicate with the shareholders on the Company’s performance, strategy, outlook and other operational matters. The meeting will be conducted in a manner which permits reasonable enquiry and the Company will endeavour to provide shareholders with information where possible.
Notice of the meeting will be announced to Bursa Securities and in a daily newspaper and will be in compliance with the AMLR of Bursa Securities.
Press Conference, Meetings and Interviews with Investors, Analysts and Media
A press conference will be called if there is an announcement of major corporate developments.
As part of the Investor Relations programme, the authorised spokespersons will meet the investors (including substantial shareholders), analysts or media from time to time to update them on the Company’s performance and developments, and will use such opportunity to seek their feedback and opinions on broader issues concerning the Company.
Analysts’ reports
It is the Company’s policy not to provide forward statement/guidance to analysts in their efforts in developing the financial reports of the Company. The Company will point out any material factual errors or assumptions which are inconsistent with previously announced information. However, the Company will not review and comment on analysts’ reports, its conclusions or investments recommendations.
It is the Company’s policy not to respond or comment on market rumours and speculation, unless they appear to contain material information, or may be expected to affect the price of the Company’s securities or trading activity in those securities.
When a report or rumour about the Company contains material errors, the Company will issue an announcement to Bursa Securities to deny or clarify the rumour, and provide sufficient supporting information in accordance with the AMLR of the Bursa Securities.
In general, the Company will take a proactive approach to the addressing of reports and rumours, as to minimise uninformed speculation and promote an orderly market in its securities.
To prevent the leakage of Company’s financial information, the Company subscribes to the Blackout period (also known as closed period) as stated in the AMLR, defined as a period commencing 30 calendar days before the targeted date of announcement up to the date of the announcement of the Company’s quarterly results to Bursa Securities.
A forward-looking comment may be given in the Quarterly Report and included in a subsequent press release or briefing. The Company will not normally provide any forecast of its future financial results but may provide comments on its future prospects.
Any forward-looking information will be accompanied by a disclaimer cautioning the reader that there are risk and uncertainties that can cause actual results to differ from what is indicated in the document.
The Company shall review this policy on periodic basis and communicate the new changes to all relevant parties.
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This Policy is approved and adopted by the Board of Directors on 11 July 2018.