How To Choose The Best Confinement Centre in Malaysia?


The pursuit of quality of life also includes choosing the best confinement care service for mummies. After giving birth, mummy is physically exhausted and needs an environment conducive for her to quickly restore her physical strength. In Malaysia, confinement centres have become a priority choice for many families. Parents can enjoy the high-quality services provided by confinement centres while caring for their babies.

However, there are many confinement centres in Malaysia, and there are nearly 300 confinement centres in the Klang Valley alone. How should mummies choose the one that best meets their requirements?

In short, an ideal confinement centre must meet the following 3 basic conditions:

  1. Comfortable accommodation - a place for mummy to rest her body and mind after childbirth;
  2. Nutritious meals - to help mummies rejuvenate;
  3. Baby care by professional nurses - to care for your baby’s health and development

With these 3 basic conditions as a basis, here are 6 criteria for mummy and daddy to consider when choosing a confinement centre that fits all your needs:

1. Service supporting

Firstly, research the various service packages and prices offered by the confinement centre, and compare them carefully to see which package is the most suitable for you. Generally speaking, confinement centres provide a variety of packages to choose from, ranging from the most basic standard packages to luxury packages. The general contents of packages include rooms, confinement meals, customer service, cleaning and laundry services, baby care, doctor consultation, supplements, etc.

2. Additional benefits

Each confinement centre has its own vision and methods and most confinement centres will provide various additional benefits for mummies and babies, because they understand that every mother has different needs. Look out for the following benefits when choosing a confinement centre:

  • Baby hygiene products: diapers, nappy cream, and baby bath products
  • Parenting classes: Learn useful baby care tips so your parenting journey is a joyous one
  • Postnatal wellness programmes: Massage treatments, Yoga classes, aesthetic and beauty treatments like manicure & pedicure services to help mummies rejuvenate
  • Hot ginger hair wash: Pamper yourself with a relaxing hair wash
  • Husband and children stay-in: It is beneficial to have your loved ones by your side to support you in your recovery journey
  • Exclusive photography service: To capture those precious mother and baby moments throughout your stay

3. Location, location, location

After giving birth, it is time to relax and recuperate. Choose a confinement centre with a strategic location so you can restore your body and mind and care for your baby in peace. After all, long-distance travel is stressful for mothers and babies. Therefore, here are the points to consider if the centre is:

  • Near your residence
  • Near to husband’s workplace
  • Near daycare or school
  • Near medical centres
  • Located in a tranquil, peaceful and safe neighborhood

4. Support staff

Mothers opt to stay in a confinement centre so they can rest and recuperate with a peace of mind. The confinement centre must have well-trained midwives, registered nurses and professionals to take care of mummies and babies. They all have the professional medical knowledge and ability to understand the needs of mothers and babies, and can provide parents continuous support 24/7. Therefore, when choosing a confinement centre, it is important to take note if it has:

  • Registered nurse or midwife
  • Professional medical consultant team
  • Obstetrician, Pediatrician, Nutritionist, Lactologist
  • Chef specialising in confinement meals

In addition, one must also consider:

  • How experienced is the confinement centre?
  • Are the nurses or midwives registered professionals?
  • Are chefs trained to prepare hygienic confinement meals and vaccinated against typhoid fever?
  • Are the services and courses provided by experts in relevant fields?

5. Confinement meals

During the confinement period, it is very important for mommy to have a healthy and balanced diet. The nutrients in confinement meals should help to strengthen the body, speed up the wound healing process and increase the production of breast milk. The confinement centre should provide quality confinement meals according to mummy’s physical and nutritional needs, while satisfying her taste buds and appetite.

To be on the safe side, you should consider:

  • Do the ingredients in the confinement meals aid healing and health improvement?
  • Is the meal preparation process and hygiene standard up to mark?
  • Does the diet ensure the quality and quantity of breast milk?
  • Can diet help mummy regain her pre-pregnancy vitality and stamina?

6. Facilities

Confinement centres are not just a place for mummies to recuperate, but also a place to learn how to provide the best postnatal care for their babies. Confinement centres are a plus if they provide facilities to support baby care workshops and classes. Since mummies will stay for at least 28 days, it is best to consider whether the confinement centre has the following facilities:

  • CCTV in baby room
  • Laundry service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Elevators
  • Security
  • Free parking
  • Emergency evacuation plan

Still unsure of how to choose a confinement centre that best fit your needs? Kindly send LYC a private message and we will be happy to assist:
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