7 Helpful Tips to Make Labour Easier

There are many things that pregnant mothers worry about, especially the pain during labour and delivery. All childbirth experiences are unique, in fact, you don’t have the same experience for each delivery. While there's no guarantee that everything will go smoothly even with adequate planning, counseling, and preparation, there are things Mummies can do to make the delivery process smoother. Most importantly, be open to some ideas and different perspectives to free yourself from anxiety.

Here are 7 tips to help mothers go through labour more easily:

1. Eat a balanced diet

It is important to have sufficient nutrition during pregnancy. Eating right can not only help you and your baby stay healthy, but it also helps reduce the pain of childbirth. Cut out junk foods that are fattening and high in sugar and sodium, and make sure you're consuming enough calories each day, especially from carbohydrates and protein. In addition, milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, which is essential for your bone health and the healthy growth of your baby.

2. Stay fit

Childbirth requires a lot of physical effort, and exercising during pregnancy helps prepare the body for labor. Exercising not only helps you stay in good shape, but also reduces your anxiety. Walking 5 to 6 kilometers a day can help you prepare for labour, and swimming can also help relieve stress and strengthen the muscles around bones and joints.

3. Massage

Prenatal massage can help relieve labour pains and reduce anxiety, and it can also help to keep you calm and relaxed, thereby improving your overall wellbeing. Getting a prenatal massage at least once a week can keep you in shape and reduce the stress on your body.

4. Plan ahead

Childbirth can be a very painful and exhausting experience, so learn about the different stages beforehand, including what pain relief you want. Therefore, when you are mentally prepared for each stage of childbirth in advance, you can plan for the best possible outcomes. That way, you don't have to worry about the pain and complications that commonly occur during childbirth and can focus on your body instead.

5. Attend prenatal classes

At prenatal classes, trained instructors in a hospital or birthing centre teach moms everything they need to know about pregnancy, labour and delivery, and can help first-time parents learn what happens during pregnancy and how your baby develops inside you.You can also talk about your concerns and fears regarding childbirth and how to deal with possible complications.

6. Visit a chiropractor

A chiropractor can assist moms with the back, hip, and joint pain they may experience during pregnancy, especially during the later stages. Visit a chiropractor early in the first trimester of your pregnancy to ensure there are no complications with your spine.

7. Be open to change

Childbirth is a natural process, if anything happens during labour, don't panic and try not to stress out. Be open to changes that may occur during childbirth, and a professional team of nurses and doctors will guide you through the process.


It is important to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, during pregnancy. Remember that giving birth is one of the most important phases in your life as a mom, stay positive and happy, so your pregnancy and childbirth process can be an enjoyable journey.

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