LYC Mother & Child Centre’s newborn baby care is your ideal option as your newborn baby will be taken care by our qualified and professional caregivers all day and all night! Simply put, all caregivers were well-trained nurse and well-equipped with knowledge and skills to care for newborns. Besides, our qualified caregivers will also keep a daily health record of your baby's progress such as baby’s weight measurement, vital sign monitoring and many more, so that your precious one is always supervised.

On top of that, our baby room has positive air pressure for the safer environment. It is equipped with a high security access in addition to the monitoring system that is operated 24/7 and each baby cot is installed with private 1-to-1 CCTV camera which is accessible online to both the mother and father. This allows the father to observe the progress of their child while at work, as for mother, she is able to view it from the comfort of her own room. Apart from the above-mentioned security aspect, our baby surveillance is on a mobile application system which allows the monitoring of the baby at any time of the day, only by the parents. All in all, LYC is the number one choice when it comes to newborn baby care.

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