At LYC Mother & Child Centre, we understand confinement foods are important to help postnatal mothers to restore the depleted of essentials nutrients during the pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to that, well-balanced diet during confinement stage helps to boost the production of breast milk for breastfeeding. In Malaysia, our confinement food menu is planned by traditional Chinese physicians, modern dieticians and nutritionists, ensuring postnatal mothers obtain all the necessary nutrients to promote the healing process. All of our confinement meals are prepared with less oil, sugar and salt, without compromising the taste and quality of the foods. Together with the finest quality of herbs, seasoning and fresh ingredients, we ensure mothers have a speedy recovery during the confinement period.

Of course, different stages of postnatal recovery require different nourishing ingredients and dishes. In order to ensure our mothers are always in good health, our in-house kitchen is ever-ready to prepare 5 nutritious and tasty meals (breakfast, lunch, tea time as well as dinner) daily with a variety of selection throughout the duration of their stay in our centre. Better yet, our confinement food menu in Malaysia can be customised according to mother’s liking, preferences as well as their health conditions.

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